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Airspeed 43
Dry Folding machine
Model : Airspeed 43
Brand : HJ WEIR (UK)

Single lane, Autograding French Folder, and Stacker for towels.

The AIRSPEED 43 is a single lane folder, enabling mixed size pieces to be presented in any order and graded by length, French folded, crossfolded and stacked. The standard machine configuration will allow the folding of items up to 1800mm in length.

Hand-fed pieces are automatically measured for width and the machine adjusted to form the perfect French fold.  The piece is then transported to the crossfold section, at which time * Autograding takes place and up to two crossfolds added.  The Autograded piece, once crossfolded, is stacked on the *appropriate conveyor, each of which can discharge independently to a directional change conveyor mounted to the side of the AIRSPEED 43. The completed stack is conveyed back to the operator for manual discharge, or to the rear of the machine where it may be linked to an automated handling system.

*Autograding version complete with 3 stack conveyors.

A non-Autograding version with 1 stack conveyor is also available.

Full automation of completed stacks is achievable when the AIRSPEED 43 is supplied with an integrated conveyor system option. This system may include duplex discharge conveyors incorporating a tipping conveyor that can transfer completed stacks onto a new or an existing auxiliary conveyor for onward delivery to packaging equipment.

Airspeed 43 (276 Kb.)