Product | Drycleaning Machines : เครื่องซักแห้ง | BOWE | MultiSolvent: M12, M15, M18
MultiSolvent: M12, M15, M18
Capacity: 12, 15, 18 kg

MultiSolvent® Drycleaning machines
Brand : Bowe  
Model : M12, M15, M18

Basic Machines

Solvent    : Hydrocarbon and Cyclosiloxane (Silicone) 

Heating    : External steam

Design     : Slimline (still behind the machine module)

Control    : Computer ConfoTronic PL with plain text display and comfort notes

  • closed, "Dry-to-Dry" process
  • 3 solvent tanks, self-cleaning, with new tank outlet
  • Round shaped still for real fractional distillation, made of stainless steel, still rinsing, illumination, overfill preventer
  • Refrigeration unit with scroll compressor and heat recovery
Filter        : Non-precoated eco extraction filter (17 filter discs)

  • Frequency controlled variable speed drive up to a max. of 600 rpm
  • Electronic Balancing System (EBS) to better level out unbalances

System features
  •  Recovery section made of stainless steel, with flow optimized aerodynamic design and cleaning opening
  •  SuperDry PDS+; drying time controller (volume measurement); patented dynamic cage perforation
  •  Button trap (made of stainless steel) and large lint filter, combined in one maintenance opening
  •  Lint drying in the button trap
  •  Gentle drying and cooldown via refrigeration valves
  •  Solvent cooling by refrigeration technique with aeroquip
  •  High and low pressure gauge for refrigeration unit
  •  Round stainless steel water separator with automated maintenance
  •  Solvent level-sensor for high and low level
  •  Dosing unit, precision controlled
  •  Cooling water control, 1 for distillation and drying
  •  3-sided panelling, white paint

Safety features
  • Solvent safety trough
  • Safety temperature limit switch
  • Safety door lock for loading door
  • Control switch for still and button trap
  • Underlay rail for trough
  • Cooling water shortage control 

Features for extension
  •  Computer prepared for ethernet card

  • Crossline design (still at the side of the machine module)
  • Electric heats
  • 2nd eco extraction filter
  • Loading door venting

M12-18 (276 Kb.)