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Model : MPT-823
Brand : SIDI (Italy)

With the very wide range of air operated toppers it is possible to finish any type of trousers, allowing to achieve high production with excellent results in quality.
The finishing cycles are controlled by digital microprocessor.

All models are ready for connection to external steam and air supply.
  • Mod. 823-TT, basic manual topper.
  • Mod. 823/A,with pneumatic waistband expander and manual cuff clamps.
  • Mod. 823/D, with pneumatic waistband expander and movable leg tensioning system. Air operated, independent, adjustable, balanced and swinging cuff clamps.
  • Mod. 823/DF, with photoelectric cell for fully automatic closing of cuff clamps. 
  • Mod. 823/DL , Pneumatic tensioning of the waist, with lateral waist stretching device, with special anatomic side paddles which perfectly fit and mould around the trouser waist. The 823/DL is available with interchangeable shapes for different sizes. Pneumatic trolley for tensioning the legs with independent, pivoting clamps.
  • Mod. 823/DP2, with two lateral paddles to press the waist pleats and one paddle to hold the top area.
  • Mod. 823/DTP, especially designed to finish Jumpsuits and Overalls.
  • Upon request (except for Mod. 823-TT and 823/A):
- Special clamps for either external clamping or internal hem expander. 
- Manual device for waistband size regulation and locking.
- Manual device for legs size regulation and locking. 
- Electric super heater for the steam.
- Water spray gun.
- Air flow regulation valve.

Topper MPT-823 (2,625 Kb.)