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Laundry Presses for Wet Work
Laundry Presses for Wet Work
Model : LV-800, CT-CP
Brand : SIDI (Italy)

This new range perfectly complements the existing SIDI pressing range with models specifically designed for the laundry market. Available models:
  • LV-800 U utility shapes.
  • LV-800 UP utility and legger shapes.
  • LV-800 P legger shapes.
  • LV-800 F mushroom shapes.
  • LV-800 R1 rectangular shapes.
  • LV-800 R2 rectangular/lab-coat shapes.
  • LV-800 BB body bosom shapes.
  • CT-CP for collars & cuffs.

Features :
High grade nickel plated head. Head and buck are steam HEATED (not steaming, just heated). The model LV-800 R2 is produced in the version with lower buck electrically heated only and with vacuum unit on demand. The model LV-800 R1 is available in both versions.
Head closing: by 2 buttons, or 2 buttons + head safety guard. The CT-CP model is also available with 1 button or foot pedal head closing. The presses are available either for connection to external steam and air supplies or as a self-contained version.

Available extras:
Built-in boiler (the CT-CP model is also available with a 30 litre boiler which can also provide steam for a shirt finisher) - Condensate tank with water feed (only for CT-CP) - Water spray gun - Adjustable timer controlled head closing.

LV-800 (1,974 Kb.)