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Towel Folder
Model : VEGA APD 3/1
Brand : VEGA (The Netherlands)

For folding and stacking for great variety of towels

The first and second length fold of the VEGA-APD are executed by reverse folds. After the three length folds, one cross fold is made combined with stacking.

With the above combination the machine can one, two or three length folds or French fold combined with one cross fold with stacking.

The Towel folder and stacker is available in different models, Special models are available to fold corners inside and/or corners outside.

Two, three or four stackers are available in the VEGA-APD selectief 2, VEGA-APD selectief 3 or VEGA-APD selectief 4 so that the different towels can be sort automatically to two, three or four different stackers.
The standard VEGA-APD has a return to operator conveyor.Special collecting conveyors can be offered on reqeust.

There are models available that can fold towels with length up to 2.400mm

A standard machine is equipped with a PLC system and a touch screen with up to 100 separate folding programs, to test inputs and outputs, to control overlaps, stacking height,fault tracing,production counters.Individual fold parameters can be set for each size of towel processed.

VEGA APD (643 Kb.)