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Combination folder /crossfolder
Brand : VEGA (The Netherlands)

The VEGAFOLD in combination with the VEG-Dropstacker is solution for folding and stacking all kind of flatwork with a high production and high folding quality.

In single-lane sheets can be fully automatically folded up to two lateral folds combined with three cross folds. Small pieces can be folded up to two lateral folds in four-lanes.

The lateral folds are accomplished by air blasts between rollers. The first cross fold is made by knife between two rollers, the second and third by knife and belt reverse combines by knife.

The cross fold section is build according to a compact modular system so that the stacker can be placed either on the right or o the left side and can be reversed on side.

The VEGAFOLD is a completely freestanding machine. Very compact, floor-saving and easy to ship and transport, that will operate behind every make of ironer.

A standard machine is equipped with a PLC system and a touch screen with up to 100 separate folding programs, to test inputs and outputs, to control overlaps, stacking height, fault tracing, production counters, all in single- and multilane.

Vegafold A (716 Kb.)
Vegafold B (652 Kb.)