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Foldmaker 55
Ironing Folding
Model : Foldmaker 55
Brand : HJ WEIR (UK)

The FOLDMAKER 55 offers enhanced fold accuracy and consistency in a recognisable package. Auto-variable Speed Control is included as standard to enable the folder to accurately follow variations in ironer speed. The wide range of models and available options cover almost all fold requirements.

Up to three primary folds and three crossfolds are available depending on options chosen.

The standard width is 3.0m (other widths available on request) and is inclusive of both “full machine” and “through machine” bypass in single lane. The inclusion of the 3rd primary fold option allows items up to a maximum length of
3400mm to be processed.

Weir Intelligent System Electronics (WISE) control as standard: 
PLC control with easy to use Touch Screen Interface. 32.000 colour, High Illumination, Liquid Crystal Display; 32 available programs; simple selection
procedure for machine operators.

Accumulation and stacking of all crossfolded items can be achieved with the inclusion of an integrated H J Weir Auxiliary Drop Stacker (ADS). Alternatively the addition of an H J Weir Autograding Drop Stacker (AGS) will provide an Autograding facility whilst allowing increased storage capacity.

Foldmaker 55 (2,306 Kb.)