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COMFORT : Feeder, Ironer, Folder and Stacker
COMFORT : Feeder, Ironer, 3 longfolds, 3 crossfolds and Stacker 
Brand : Laco (Belgium)

  • Available roll diameter : Ø500, Ø600, Ø800
  • Production Capacity :
  • COMFORT 800 : up to 200 sheets/hr
  • COMFORT 600 : up to 150 sheets/hr
  • COMFORT 500 : up to 120 sheets/hr
  • Available working width 2000, 2500, 3000, 3300 mm
  • Available in electric, gas, steam heated

Feeding device
  • Automatic feeding in 1 lane by set of 2 clamps.
  • Brushing system for good quality of feeding.
  • Manual feeding for small pieces with exit on rear delivery table.

Heating principle: chest type heating
  • The roll incorporates a boiler with variable temperature control.
  • For the gas heated model (with natural or liquified petrol gas), fan assisted “low NOX” gas burner complete with independent adjustable gas valve  assembly mounted directly on the heat exchanger with coil.
  • For the electrically heated model, heat exchanger with resistances.
  • Fully insulated heat exchanger.
  • Silent oil circulation pump.
  • Oil and expansion tanks.
  • Variable thermostatic temperature control and safety overheat control.
  • For the steam heated model, none of above applies: direct steam heating.
Flexible laserwelded bed (Lapauw patent)
  • Single piece flexing and self adjusting bed.
  • The bed is heated by circulation of thermal fluid oil.
  • For steam: direct steam injection.
  • Fully adjustable bed to roll hydraulic pressure (hydraulic unit incorporated)
  • Perforated steel with spring system and clothed  with polyester needle felt.
  • Fully adjustable vacuum system.
  • AC drive with variable speed frequency inverter control.
  • Fully enclosed planetary gear box mounted directly onto the roll.

Folder and stacker
  • Microprocessor control with numerous programs and settings possible.
  • 3 primary folds in 1 lane by air blast.
  • 3 crossfolds in 1 lane: 1° by air blast, 2° mechanical, 3° by pick and stack onto the stacker.
  • Automatic fold selection depending on size of piece.
  • Crossfold override.
  • Selection of number of pieces per stack.
  • Longfold override for small pieces onto rear table.
  • Optional return feed without folding (for small pieces).

Laco Comfort (5,085 Kb.)