Product | Washer Extractors : เครื่องซักผ้า | MILNOR | 720 lbs Divided Cylinder Washer Extractor : 72044 WP2
720 lbs Divided Cylinder Washer Extractor : 72044 WP2
Capacity: 720 lbs

Divided Cylinder Washer Extractor
Brand : MILNOR (U.S.A.)
Model : 72044 WP2

  • Microprocessor controller
  • Color, liquid crystal display
  • Multi-motor inverter drive
  • Programmable water temperature for each bath
  • Air-operated valves
  • Fresh-water-flushing chemical manifold
  • Programmable overnight bath soak
  • HYDROCUSHION® suspension
  • AUTOSPOT option
  • Variety of electrical options
  • Control reads in English + second language
  • Certification choices (FM, CSA, City of L.A.)


Saves labor.
RAPID LOAD models allow both pockets to open at one time for faster loading. Large, low doors ease goods handling.

Saves time.
Optional AUTOSPOT feature automatically positions cylinder for unloading in seconds.

Less damage improves user’s image. Reduces linen costs.
High, perforated ribs provide excellent lifting. Ribs are integral, not bolted, so there is no space for laundry to catch.

Better extraction saves dryer fuel.
292 G-Force High Extract provides excellent moisture removal. Lower extract speeds are available for uniforms, delicate textiles and blended fabrics.

Control delivers effective and repeatable treatment.
Programming capabilities are virtually unlimited. Vacuum fluorescent display allows operator to choose formulas from real words, not codes. Controller also provides diagnostic and error messages. Ideal for handling a variety of items.

Model : 72044 WP2

72044 WP2 (2,378 Kb.)