Product | Washer Extractors : เครื่องซักผ้า | MILNOR | 55-60 lbs Soft-Mount Washer Extractor : 30022 X8J
55-60 lbs Soft-Mount Washer Extractor : 30022 X8J
Capacity: 55-60 lbs

Small Soft-Mount Washer Extractor
Brand : MILNOR (U.S.A.)
Model : 30022 X8J

  • E-P Plus programmable control
  • Vacuum fluorescent display
  • Single-motor inverter drive
  • Electrically-operated valves
  • Programmable overnight bath soak
  • Suspension system
  • Control reads in English + second language
  • Programmable water temperature for each bath, plus six water levels
  • Fresh-water-flushing chemical manifold
  • Six (6) liquid chemical injection ports
  • Variety of electrical options


Saves labor.
Larger cylinder volume than most competitive similar-sized washer-extractors provides greater productivity. More linen washed per day, or fewer hours required to process.

Better wash quality.
Greater cylinder perforated area generates better wash quality, better rinsing and better extraction.

Less damage improves user's image. Reduces linen costs.
High perforated ribs provide excellent lifting.

Better extraction saves dryer fuel.
300 G-Force High Extract provides excellent moisture removal. Lower extract speeds can process uniforms, delicate textiles and blended fabrics.

Fewer operator errors.
E-P Plus Control with vacuum fluorescent display allows operator to choose formulas from real words, not codes. Standard controller features English/Spanish (choice of second language is available). Control also provides diagnostic and error messages. Shortens training time of new employees.

Model : 30022 X8J

30022 X8J (451 Kb.)