Product | Washer Extractors : เครื่องซักผ้า | MILNOR | 135-140 lbs Hard-Mount Washer Extractor : 42026 V6J
135-140 lbs Hard-Mount Washer Extractor : 42026 V6J
Capacity: 135-140 lbs

Small Hard-Mount Washer Extractor
Brand : MILNOR (U.S.A.)
Model : 42026 V6J

Open-Pocket Washer-Extractor

  • E-P Plus programmable controller
  • Single motor inverter drive
  • Electrically operated valves
  • Auto tension V-belt drive
  • Pre-extract distribution speed
  • Control reads in English + second language
  • Vacuum fluorescent display
  • High lifting ribs (not bolted)
  • Fresh-water flushing chemical manifold
  • Six liquid chemical injection ports
  • Five-year limited warranty on frame, cylinder and shell
  • Variety of electrical options


Saves labor.
Larger cylinder volume than most competitive similar sized washer-extractors provides greater productivity. More gear washed per day, or fewer hours required to process. Machines have the capability of washing 11 to 13 suits per load.

Better wash quality.
Greater cylinder perforated-area generates better wash quality, better rinsing and better extraction.

Ten formulas designed specifically for fire stations.
This machine has the versatility and capability of washing everything from turnout gear and related items to truck towels, mop heads, bed linens and station-wear.

Easy-to-use controls.
Push button formulas simplify use and reduce operator errors.

Reduces operating costs.
An on-site laundry eliminates the need to outsource and also offers a quick turnaround time for clean gear.

Model : 42026 V6J

42026 V6J (904 Kb.)