Product | Washer Extractors : เครื่องซักผ้า | MILNOR | 55-60 lbs Hard-Mount Washer Extractor : 30022 V6J
55-60 lbs Hard-Mount Washer Extractor : 30022 V6J
Capacity: 55-60 lbs

Small Hard-Mount Washer Extractor
Brand : MILNOR (U.S.A.)
Model : 30022 V6J

Open-Pocket Washer-Extractor

  • E-P Plus programmable controller
  • Single motor inverter drive
  • Electrically-operated valves
  • Vacuum fluorescent display
  • Variety of electrical options
  • Fresh-water flushing chemical manifold
  • Auto tension V-belt drive
  • Control reads in English + second language
  • Six liquid chemical injection ports
  • Programmable water temperature for each bath

Saves labor.
Larger cylinder volume than most competitive similar-sized washer-extractors provides greater productivity. More gear washed per day, or fewer hours required to process. Machines have the capability of washing 4 to 5 suits per load.

Better wash quality.
Greater cylinder perforated-area generates better wash quality, better rinsing and better extraction.

Easy-to-use controls.
Push button formulas simplify use and reduce operator errors.

Reduces operating costs.
An on-site laundry eliminates the need to outsource and also offers a quick turnaround time for clean gear.

Heavy durable construction.
Our machines are "firefighter-proof". Their rugged construction from top-quality parts and materials, can outlast other competitive equipment.

Model : 30022 V6J

30022V6J (904 Kb.)