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Capacity: 310 lb (140.61 kg)

Dryer Tumbler
Brand : American Dryer
Model : AD-310

The AD-310 bridges the gap between 200- and 400-lb capacity units, with a tumbler volume that competing manufacturers in America simply do not offer. The AD-310 is equipped with a wide range of standard features that include our exclusive patented microprocessor-controlled drying system for optimum operating efficiency. It also features the same tilt configuration options and easy access to key electrical and pneumatic components as our 200-lb capacity model.

  • Gas fired models utilize atmospheric burners and direct spark ignition for fast response and maximum efficiency
  • Steam heated models utilize high airflow and a steam damper system for instant heat and cooling
  • The self-cleaning blower system directs compressed air at the fan blades at the end of each cycle, removing any lint buildup. This extends fan and bearing life.
  • 11” drive wheels support and drive the drum. Located at 4 supporting points, the wheels are outside of the heat flow, creating minimal wear.
  • The lint drawer is located in front of the exhaust fan preventing clogging in the fan and ultimately damaging vibration. This also eliminates the need for external lint collectors and reduces fire concerns.
  • Multiple tilting options and door configurations are designed to create efficiencies and make loading and unloading easy.

  • 1,125,000 Btu’s of heat input
  • 13,000 cfm airflow
  • Standard stainless steel basket
  • Internal lint collection drawers
  • Heavy-duty four-wheel drum support
  • Self-cleaning blower fan
  • Self diagnostic microprocessor with patented auto drying feature
  • Offered in one way tilt (forward or rear) and two-way tilt
  • Available as single door or pass-through models
  • Available in gas and steam heat