Product | Tumble Dryers : เครื่องอบผ้า | IPSO | DR25, DR30, DR35, DR55S, DR50, DR75
DR25, DR30, DR35, DR55S, DR50, DR75
Capacity: 25, 30,35, 55, 50, 75 lb

Dryer Tumbler
Brand : IPSO
Model : DR25, DR30, DR35, DR55S, DR50, DR75

  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading.
  • Standard galvanized drum.
  • Unique drum supporting system.
             - at the rear: bearing.
             - at the front: rubber rolls with bearings.
  • Large lint filter : easy removal of lint, efficient drying and self cleaning filter.
  • Axial airflow (DR25, 30, 35, 55S).
             - drum perforations only at the front and back.
             - maximum airflow, less energy consumption and short drying times.
  • Radial airflow (DR50, 75).
             - drum perforations over the entire surface.
             - high production.
             - pulley drive system.
  • DX4 control.
             - easy to use and flexible microprocessor control.
             - 3 freely adaptable programs.
             - temperature can be freely programmed per degree, drying and cool-down times are easily programmable.
  •  Available in electric, gas and steam
  • Stainless steel front.
  • Stainless steel drum.
  • Reversing: prevents tangling of the linen.
  • OPTimum control (over-dry prevention technology).
             - easy to operate, easy to program.
             - 30 programmable cycles.
             - 3 cycle types.
                . Time Dry : programmable time and temperature.
                . Auto Dry : 11 programmable automatic dryness levels and programmable temperature.
                . Moisture Dry : will dry to the programmed moisture level at programmed temperature.
  • CARE (Combustion Auto Response Equipped)
             - A response to laundry combustion.
             - prevents early laundry fire by constantly monitoring the temperature in the drum.
             - in case of excessive temperature, linen is sprayed with water *
  • Coin-operated version for vended laundry applications.
          * only for OPL models with gas or steam heating.